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2023-2024 Seed Ordering - NOW CLOSED - Surplus round ordering ended March 15th.

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR’s List – Check back December 15, 2024 for next opening.

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Due to Phytosanitary restrictions, members from the European Union, UK, Australia, and Japan cannot order any moist packed seed and cannot place an order in the Surplus Round. Australia and New Zealand members may only order seeds permitted entry by their countries.

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
136 Amsonia tabernaemontana v tabernaemontana light blue 60-90cm 144 160 169 G
137 Anacampseros rufescens pink-purple 5-8cm 46 G
138 Anaphalis margaritacea white flr/grey woolly lvs 60-90cm 86 G
139 Andropogon gerardi 1-3m 156 G
140 Androsace adfinis ssp brigantiaca white 10-15cm 30 G
141 Androsace albana pink 5-25cm 30 G
142 Androsace carnea white 2-7cm 35 G
143 Androsace chaixii pink/white 5-20cm 17 G
3015 Androsace integra pink 5-10cm China: Min Shan, Sichuan 3100m 164 W
144 Androsace lactea white 4-15cm 30 G
145 Androsace lactiflora milky white 7-20cm 47 G
3016 Androsace mariae (as v tibetica) rose 5-8cm China: W Qinghai 4200m 164 W
146 Androsace mathildae white 4cm 30 G
147 Androsace sempervivoides pink-mauve 2-7cm 148 G
148 Androsace septentrionalis white 1-25cm 82 G
3017 Androsace tanggulashanensis China: W Qinghai 4200m 164 W
149 Androsace vandellii white 1-5cm 7 G
150 Androsace villosa white to 3cm 147 G
151 Andryala agardhii yellow flr/silver woolly lvs 8-15cm 45 76 G
152 Anemone coronaria blue 20-40cm 35 G
153 Anemone lithophila white 10-25cm 5 6 11 G
154 Anemone multifida cream-yellow 10-40cm 20 G
155 Anemone multifida pink 10-40cm 118 G
156 Anemone multifida rose-red 10-40cm 120 G
157 Anemone multifida watermelon pink 15-23cm 37 G
158 Anemone multifida white 10-40cm 40 G
3018 Anemone multifida 20cm Chile: Llaima 1600m 164 W
160 Anemone multifida 'Rosea' pink to 30cm 20 G
159 Anemone multifida (cf) cream-white 20cm 159 G
3019 Anemone multifida v multifida white/blue-purple reverse, some red-violet 15-25cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau, Sanpete Co 3005m 160 W
161 Anemone rupicola white/pink-violet reverse 5-25cm 6 G
162 Anemone taipaiensis white 15-40cm 20 G
163 Anemone virginiana white/greenish-white 30-80cm 27 G
3020 Anemone virginiana North Carolina: McDowell Co 25 W
164 Anemonoides baldensis white 5-15cm 13 G
165 Anemonoides sylvestris white 30-45cm 35 G
166 Anemonopsis macrophylla pale lavender-purple 40-80cm 145 G
167 Angelica gigas dark purple flr/purplish stems 1-2m > G
168 Angelica sylvestris white 1.5-2m 159 G
169 Antennaria alpina whitish 3-18cm 102 G
170 Antennaria dioica 'Rotes Wunder' red flr/silver-grey lvs 5-10cm 20 G
171 Antennaria parvifolia white-pink flr/grey woolly lvs 2-8cm 47 G
172 Anthemis cretica white flr/grey lvs 10-30cm 37 G
173 Anthemis cretica ssp carpatica white flr/silver lvs 10-30cm 159 G
174 Anthericum baeticum white to 35cm 130 G
175 Anthericum liliago white 60-90cm 77 158 G
176 Anthericum ramosum white 30-70cm 77 G
177 Anthriscus sylvestris 'Going for Gold' white flr/yellow lvs to 120cm 125 G
178 Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' white flr/dark purple-bronze lvs 30-90cm 22 107 159 G
179 Anthyllis montana 'Rubra' red flr/silky grey lvs to 30cm 64 G