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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
865 Gaillardia pinnatifida yellow 15-35cm 155 G
866 Galax urceolata white 20-40cm 2 G
3137 Galax urceolata North Carolina: Burke Co 25 W
3138 Gamocarpha ventosa 5cm Chile: La Parva 3200m 164 W
867 Garrya flavescens grey-green flr & lvs 1.5-3m 156 G
868 Gaultheria procumbens 'Cherry Berries' white flr/large red frt to 20cm 159 G
3139 Gaultheria sp (cf) bright blue frt 1m China: near Pianma, NW Yunnan 127 W
869 Gazania linearis yellow/orange 10-30cm 47 G
870 Gelasine coerulea blue-lavender 30-50cm 169 G
871 Gelasine elongata dark blue-violet flr/grey-green lvs 47-80cm 169 G
3140 Gelsemium sempervirens yellow vine North Carolina: Carteret Co 88 W
872 Gentiana acaulis 'Undulatifolia' blue flr/wavy-edged lvs 2-8cm 81 G
873 Gentiana affinis blue 10-35cm 148 G
874 Gentiana alba cream-white 30-90cm 91 G
875 Gentiana andrewsii rich deep blue 30-60cm 119 169 G
876 Gentiana angustifolia deep sky blue to 10cm 145 148 G
877 Gentiana asclepiadea deep blue 60-90cm > G
878 Gentiana asclepiadea pink 60-90cm 73 G
879 Gentiana asclepiadea white 60-90cm 20 160 G
880 Gentiana clausa blue-purple 30-60cm 2 124 169 G
881 Gentiana clausa white 30-60cm 124 G
882 Gentiana cruciata violet-blue 20-40cm 76 100 G
883 Gentiana cruciata 'Blue Cross' dark blue to 30cm 83 G
884 Gentiana dahurica dark blue-purple 10-25cm 76 G
3141 Gentiana georgei purple blue 5-8cm China: Min Shan, Sichuan 3800m 164 W
3142 Gentiana hexaphylla pale-dark blue 7-12cm China: Min Shan, Sichuan 3800m 164 W
885 Gentiana kirilowii pale blue 15-25cm 156 G
886 Gentiana lagodechiana blue to 10cm 60 G
887 Gentiana linearis blue-purple 30-60cm 135 G
888 Gentiana lutea yellow 1-2m 20 77 170 G
889 Gentiana macrophylla blue-purple 30-60cm 20 G
3143 Gentiana nubigena pale blue 8-12cm China: W Qinghai 3900m 164 W
1946 Gentiana paradoxa blue 15-25cm 170 G
3144 Gentiana phyllocalyx (cf) India: Above Yumthang, Sikkim 4000m 165 W
3145 Gentiana prostrata blue 5-15cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
890 Gentiana pumila ssp delphinensis deep blue 5-10cm 148 G
3146 Gentiana sceptrum blue 30cm Canada: Jordan Ridge, Vancouver Island, BC 131 W
891 Gentiana septemfida deep blue 15-30cm 40 141 156 G
3147 Gentiana siphonantha blue 10-15cm China: NW Qinghai 3900m 164 W
892 Gentiana sp (summer bloom, upright habit) light blue 30cm 62 G
3148 Gentiana szechenyii white 5-10cm China: W Qinghai 4300m 164 W
893 Gentiana tibetica pale yellow-green/cream 40-50cm 30 G
894 Gentiana verna deep blue 5-8cm 61 G
895 Gentiana verna (cf) blue 7.5cm 148 G
3149 Gentianella quinquefolia Virginia: Scott Co 151 W
896 Gentianopsis crinita blue 30-60cm 135 G
897 Geranium brevicaule 'Nigricans' white flr/dark brown lvs 2.5-15cm 159 G
898 Geranium cinereum pink flr/grey-green lvs to 15cm 147 G
899 Geranium petri-davisii pink 20-25cm 147 G
900 Geranium platypetalum (ex Turkey) purple 147 G