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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1301 Magnolia loebneri (x) 'Leonard Messel' white/rosy purple to 4.5m 1 G
1302 Magnolia sieboldii white 5-10m 1 189 G
1303 Maianthemum (Smilacina) racemosum white flr/red frt 75-125cm 1 3 182 G
3166 Maianthemum (Smilacina) racemosum Michigan: Kent Co 143 W
3167 Maianthemum (Smilacina) racemosum white 50-90cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada, Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
1304 Malcolmia orsiniana ssp anglifolia pink-lilac 10-40cm 194 G
1305 Malephora spp mixed yellow/red-orange 86 G
1306 Malope trifida 'Vulcan' magenta pink 90-120cm 119 G
1307 Malva cachemiriana reddish purple to 1m 185 G
1308 Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina' pink/purple veins to 1m 94 G
1309 Mandragora officinarum greenish-white/violet 10-15cm 172 186 G
1310 Margyricarpus pinnatus white frt 20-30cm 70 G
1311 Marrubium incanum white-pale lilac flr/silver woolly lvs 30-50cm 194 G
1312 Marrubium supinum lavender-lilac flr/white woolly lvs 10-45cm 194 G
1314 Matthiola perennis white flr/grey lvs 30-60cm 159 G
1315 Mattiastrum racemosum blue flr/hairy lvs 12-40cm 91 G
1316 Meconopsis baileyi (cluster-head form) 69 G
1317 Meconopsis Fertile Blue Group blue 60-120cm 66 G
1318 Meconopsis gakyidiana purple-blue 45-120cm 69 G
1319 Meconopsis staintonii red to 2m 69 G
1320 Melanthium virginicum white-greenish yellow 60-200cm 114 G
1321 Melasphaerula graminea cream-pale yellow 30-50cm 39 G
1322 Melissa officinalis 'Gold Leaf'/'All Gold' white flr/golden yellow lvs to 50cm 185 G
1323 Mentzelia laevicaulis yellow 22-100cm 5 160 G
3169 Mentzelia laevicaulis yellow 120cm California: Salmon Mtns 305m 112 W
1325 Meum athamanticum white 30-60cm 118 G
1326 Micranthes reflexa white 7-60cm 63 G
1327 Milium effusum 'Aureum' yellow-green lvs 30-60cm 178 G
3171 Mimulus ringens blue 90cm Ohio: Franklin Co 8 W
1328 Mirabilis longiflora white 50-150cm 178 G
1329 Mirabilis multiflora magenta-pink 40-70cm 93 115 G
3172 Mitchella repens Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
3173 Mitchella repens Pennsylvania: Venango Co 185 W
1330 Mitella diphylla white 10-45cm 8 G
1331 Mitella ovalis greenish yellow 15-35cm 179 G
1334 Monardella villosa purple to 50cm 133 G
3174 Monotropa uniflora Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
1335 Moraea alticola pale yellow to 90cm 54 G
1337 Moraea comptonii yellow-salmon/yellow center 18-40cm 194 G
1339 Moraea miniata salmon/yellow 15-60cm 194 G
1341 Moraea vegeta dull yellow-brown 15-30cm 194 G
1343 Moraea villosa white to 40cm 103 G
1344 Morina longifolia white turns pink-deep red to 90cm 15 38 66 G
3176 Muhlenbergia (cf) sp (tall, airy) gold 100cm Arizona: Mt Graham 61 W
1345 Muhlenbergia reverchonii brown-purplish 40-80cm 178 G
3175 Muhlenbergia sp (tall, golden) gold 100cm Arizona: Montezuma Pass 61 W
1346 Mukdenia rossii white 20-36cm 63 G
1347 Muscari 'Jenny Robinson' pale blue-white to 15cm 98 G
1348 Muscari latifolium dark purple/pale violet 15-30cm 172 G
1349 Muscari macrocarpum (ex Rodericks Form) yellow 30cm 29 G