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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
431 Campanula collina rich purple-blue 15-35cm 182 G
432 Campanula formanekiana lilac blue-white flr/grey-downy lvs 15-30cm 107 G
433 Campanula glomerata dark violet-blue/purple 20-60cm 85 G
434 Campanula incurva pale blue-lilac to 30cm 59 101 178 G
435 Campanula lyrata violet-blue 20-50cm 194 G
436 Campanula moesiaca pale lilac-blue 30-45cm 159 G
437 Campanula pelviformis blue-violet 20-30cm 194 G
438 Campanula pendula creamy white 30-60cm 118 G
3040 Campanula prenanthoides light blue to 122cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada, Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
441 Campanula primulifolia lavender blue to 90cm 99 159 G
442 Campanula rapunculus light blue/violet 40-80cm 56 G
3041 Campanula sp purple 50cm Spain: Anisclo, Aragon 61 W
445 Campanula thyrsoides pale yellow-cream 20-40cm 114 G
446 Campanula wanneri violet 30cm 73 G
447 Campsis radicans yellow 10m 56 G
448 Capnoides (Corydalis) sempervirens pink/yellow tip 5-80cm 63 182 G
450 Cardiocrinum cordatum v glehnii (hort) greenish-white/red throat to 180cm 193 G
451 Cardiocrinum giganteum white/streaked purple 1-3m 159 G
452 Cardiocrinum giganteum v yunnanense (ex Chen Yi) white/maroon stripes 2-3m 192 G
3042 Carex heteroneura green 80cm California: Butte Co 138 W
3043 Castilleja applegatei orange-red to 79cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada, Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
3045 Castilleja elmeri red/orange 30cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
3047 Castilleja hispida orange/red 20cm Washington: Thurston Co 60m 132 W
3048 Castilleja hispida red-orange 40cm Oregon: Sisters 1036m 112 W
3049 Castilleja litoralis red 20cm Oregon: Short Beach 191 W
3050 Castilleja miniata red/orange 25cm Washington: Pierce Co 1600m 132 W
3051 Castilleja parviflora pink 30cm Oregon: Mt Hood 1707m 112 W
3052 Castilleja parviflora v oreopola magenta 20cm Washington: Yakima Co 1700m 132 W
3053 Castilleja thompsonii pale yellow/maroon 15cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
453 Catananche caerulea lavender-blue 30-60cm 93 G
454 Ceanothus americanus white 80-150cm 17 41 G
3054 Ceanothus cordulatus white 90-180cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada, Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
3055 Ceanothus integerrimus white 90-400cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada, Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
455 Cenolophium denudatum white 50-150cm 1 G
456 Centaurea montana blue-purple 30-70cm 28 G
458 Centaurium scilloides bright pink 7.5cm 68 151 G
459 Cephalaria ambrosioides white-light yellow 60-180cm 194 G
460 Cephalaria gigantea pale yellow 120-180cm 1 87 G
462 Cerastium banaticum white to 40cm 194 G
463 Cerastium candidissimum white flr/woolly lvs 10-15cm 194 G
464 Ceratotheca triloba 'Alba' white 90-180cm 110 G
465 Cercis chinensis purplish red/pink/white 2-5m 21 G
3056 Chaenactis nevii (aff) yellow 80cm Oregon: Mitchell 762m 112 W
469 Chamaebatiaria millefolium white 60-200cm 178 G
470 Chamaedorea microspadix white flr/red frt 1.2-3m 43 G
471 Chamaedorea radicalis red frt 3-4m 43 G
472 Chamaelirium luteum white 30-60cm 162 G
474 Chasmanthe floribunda v duckittii yellow 40-100cm 101 G
475 Chasmanthe sp yellow 50cm 37 G
476 Chasmatophyllum musculinum bright yellow 5cm 130 G