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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
578 Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) macrocapnos yellow 2-8m 1 94 G
579 Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) scandens yellow 2-5m 160 G
580 Dactylorhiza purpurella violet-purple to 45cm 60 G
581 Dahlia merckii lilac/pink/white to 2.5m 70 136 G
582 Dalea purpurea rose-purple 20-90cm 47 134 169 G
583 Daphne alpina white 40-60cm 17 G
584 Daphne kosaninii cream-pale pink flr/blue-green lvs 20-25cm 17 G
585 Daphne laureola ssp philippi yellow-green 30-60cm 17 G
586 Daphne mezereum white flr/yellow-orange frt 60-120cm 32 35 G
587 Daphne mezereum 'Alba' (vigorous clone) white 1m 1 G
588 Daphne oleoides cream-white/pink tinted to 60cm 49 G
589 Daphne reichsteinii (x) white-pale pink 50cm 17 G
590 Daphne retusa purple-pink bud/white flr 40-150cm 76 G
591 Daphne tangutica white-pink/rosy-purple reverse/red frt 50-120cm 1 17 160 G
592 Dasylirion leiophyllum 'Guadalupe' brown-tan flr/blue-grey lvs 120cm 169 G
593 Dasylirion wheeleri 'Apache Junction' brown-tan flr/powder blue lvs 213cm 169 G
594 Dasylirion wheeleri 'Payson Giant' straw-tan flr/blue-grey lvs 2m 169 G
595 Datura wrightii (PI) white-tinted purple 30-150cm 43 61 150 G
596 Daucus carota 'Dara' (PI) white turns pink-burgundy to 90cm 89 158 159 G
597 Degenia velebitica yellow flr/silver-grey lvs 5-10cm > G
598 Delosperma hybrids mixed colors 7 G
599 Delphinium ajacis blue-purple 30-80cm 35 G
3100 Delphinium barbeyi dark blue-purple 100-120cm Utah: Wasatch Plateau, Sanpete Co 3110m 160 W
600 Delphinium consolida dark blue-purple 30-80cm 90 G
601 Delphinium nuttallianum blue/pink 30-75cm 6 G
3101 Delphinium occidentale dark blue-purple 100-150cm Utah: Wasatch Range, Wasatch Co 2350m 160 W
602 Delphinium requienii lavender-grey 90-150cm 16 35 64 G
603 Delphinium retropilosum blue 50cm 35 G
604 Delphinium tatsienense purple-blue 10-50cm 45 G
605 Deschampsia cespitosa 35-150cm 136 G
614 Dianthus 'Dainty Dame' white/dark maroon eye to 25cm 7 G
625 Dianthus 'Kahori' rosy pink 15-20cm 83 G
635 Dianthus 'Rainbow Loveliness' mixed fringed flr/blue-green lvs 30-40cm 160 G
637 Dianthus 'Sops-in-Wine' deep red/white 20-30cm 83 G
606 Dianthus alpinus rich pink 5-10cm 90 159 G
607 Dianthus alpinus 'Joan's Blood' deep red-pink flr/grey-green lvs 5-10cm 6 G
608 Dianthus armeria deep pink to 60cm 83 G
609 Dianthus barbatus mix 30-60cm 6 G
610 Dianthus callizonus pink-carmine 5-10cm 90 G
611 Dianthus carthusianorum deep pink-purple to 60cm > G
612 Dianthus caryophyllus mix white/pink/red/violet 20-30cm 160 G
613 Dianthus chinensis 'Siberian Blue' lavender-blue/reddish-violet to 30cm 59 G
615 Dianthus deltoides bright pink 15-30cm 6 G
616 Dianthus deltoides fuchsia pink 15-30cm 22 G
617 Dianthus deltoides white 10-25cm 136 G
618 Dianthus deltoides (wild form) bright rosy red 15-30cm 136 G
619 Dianthus giganteus red-pink to 1m 90 G
620 Dianthus glacialis pale-deep pink 5-10cm 113 G
621 Dianthus gratianopolitanus (cf) 156 G
622 Dianthus haematocalyx purple-red/pink 5-25cm 6 G