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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
620 Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) macrocapnos yellow 2-8m 99 G
621 Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) scandens yellow 2-5m 31 159 G
622 Dactylorhiza purpurella violet-purple to 45cm 68 G
623 Dalea frutescens purple to 90cm 180 G
624 Dalea purpurea rose-purple 20-90cm 151 175 G
627 Daphne laureola ssp philippi yellow-green 30-60cm 25 82 G
628 Daphne mezereum pink-light purple 50-150cm 25 29 76 G
629 Daphne mezereum white flr/yellow frt to 100cm 178 G
630 Daphne oleoides cream-white/pink tinted to 60cm 43 178 G
3084 Darlingtonia californica green 60cm California: Shasta Co 138 W
633 Darmera peltata white-pink 30-150cm 19 178 G
634 Dasiphora fruticosa (ex Olympics) dwarf 178 G
635 Datura wrightii (PI) white-tinted purple 30-150cm 44 G
636 Daucus carota 'Rosea' (PI) rose-pink 40-100cm 182 G
640 Delosperma 'Jewel of Desert Garnet' deep reddish-pink 5-15cm 178 G
639 Delosperma 'Jewel of Desert' bright pink/red 10-15cm 31 G
644 Delosperma 'Orange Glow' orange-pink 10-15cm 178 G
638 Delosperma congestum yellow 5-10cm 31 130 178 G
641 Delosperma lydenbergense purple-pink 20cm 178 G
642 Delosperma nelii bright pink-purple to 15cm 178 G
646 Delosperma sutherlandii bright pink-purple 10-15cm 31 G
3085 Delphinium andesicola Arizona: high country above Flagstaff 20 W
647 Delphinium elatum 'Black Knight' dark purple-black 150-180cm 123 G
648 Delphinium elatum 'King Arthur' dark blue-purple/white eye 120-180cm 123 G
649 Delphinium exaltatum pale lavender/purple 70-200cm 11 33 G
650 Delphinium grandiflorum hybrid white 100cm 29 G
652 Delphinium requienii lavender-grey to 150cm 52 119 G
653 Delphinium sp dark blue 90cm 116 G
654 Delphinium tatsienense purple-blue 30-80cm 158 G
686 Dianthus 'Peppermint Star' pink/red center flr/blue-green lvs 20cm 88 G
655 Dianthus Allwoodii Group pink/red/white 30-45cm 42 G
656 Dianthus alpinus rich pink 5-10cm 91 G
657 Dianthus alpinus white/red 5-10cm 172 G
658 Dianthus arenarius white 20-30cm 76 G
659 Dianthus arenarius (cf) 178 G
660 Dianthus arenarius v bohemicus white 5-15cm 65 G
661 Dianthus armeria deep pink to 60cm 142 G
662 Dianthus barbatus white 30-60cm 136 G
664 Dianthus callizonus pink-carmine 5-10cm 10 91 104 G
665 Dianthus carthusianorum deep pink-purple to 60cm 1 G
666 Dianthus chinensis 'Siberian Blue' lavender-blue/reddish-violet to 30cm 59 88 G
667 Dianthus crinitus white/pinkish 30-40cm 130 G
669 Dianthus deltoides magenta 30cm 116 G
670 Dianthus deltoides 'Arctic Fire' white/red-pink eye 15-20cm 24 142 144 G
671 Dianthus deltoides 'Leuchtfunk' deep red 45cm 182 G
673 Dianthus giganteus red-pink to 1m 42 62 178 G
675 Dianthus glacialis white to 5cm 118 G
676 Dianthus haematocalyx purple-red/pink 5-25cm 14 G
677 Dianthus haematocalyx (cf) purple/red 35 G
678 Dianthus haematocalyx ssp pindicola pink 1-6cm > G