Crevice Gardens

Welcome to modern crevice gardens, a way to raise those hard-to-grow alpine and saxatile plants you thought impossible. And best of all, a crevice garden can be any scale you have space for: a large hillside or even a raised flat space in your garden to diminutive troughs or half-barrels on your patio or deck, where you can admire at eye level. There are endless possibilities.

A crevice garden is a type of gardening that attempts to simulate natural rock formations that have crevices between them where plants can grow and where there is drainage and just the right habitat many alpine and saxatile plants prefer. Depending on the orientation of your crevice garden, you can have sun-loving or shade tolerate plants.

The earth's billions of years of geological formations and mountain uplifts and erosions have resulted in a diversity of opportunities that a crevice gardener can mimic. For example, different types of rocks, soil pH, and slope can provide numerous ways to design your crevice garden.

The modern crevice gardening, as practiced today, consists of using upright, tilted rocks, with small spaces (crevices) between them where alpines and saxatile plants can be trucked. The soil between these rocks can allow drainage and for plants to send down their roots. The trick, whether in a large space or small container is to copy Nature and make the crevice garden look "natural".

Shown here are many examples of public and private crevice gardens, container crevice gardens, and various examples of how crevice gardens are constructed. Click to view each section, or search by name. Check back soon as we add more examples.

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