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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
477 Cheirolophus burchardii pale lavender-purple 120-180cm 101 G
478 Chelone glabra white/pink tinged 20-230cm 143 G
480 Cherleria capillacea white 5-15cm 118 G
481 Chesneya ternata yellow 2cm 130 172 G
482 Chiastophyllum oppositifolium yellow 15cm 69 118 187 G
3059 Chlorogalum pomeridianum white 60cm Oregon: Jackson Co 13 W
3060 Chlorogalum pomeridianum white 100cm Oregon: Selma 427m 112 W
484 Chrysanthemum zawadskii ssp zawadskii (as weyrichii) pink 10-30cm 90 G
3061 Chrysolepis chrysophylla 200cm Oregon: Timothy Lake 1067m 112 W
3063 Cistus ladanifer Portugal: Faro 189 W
485 Cistus parviflorus rose-pink flr/grey-green felted lvs to 90cm 117 G
486 Cistus salviifolius 'Restonica Strain' white 80-120cm 117 G
3064 Cistus sp Portugal: Faro 189 W
487 Clarkia pulchella bright pink/lavender to 50cm 26 G
488 Clarkia purpurea ssp quadrivulnera lavender-purple/dark wine red to 100cm 70 G
489 Clarkia sp (ex Greenhorn Mtns, CA) pink 30cm 133 G
3067 Claytonia rubra white 30cm California: W slope Sierra Nevada, Mariposa Co 1676m 40 W
490 Clematis addisonii reddish-purple/cream tips 60-100cm 119 177 G
491 Clematis albicoma purplish-yellowish tips hairy flr 20-40cm 188 G
494 Clematis alpina pink to 2m 50 G
496 Clematis coactilis pale yellow/purple-tinged hairy flr 20-45cm 188 G
497 Clematis crispa violet-blue to 3m 105 G
498 Clematis fremontii pale blue-violet/purple 15-45cm > G
499 Clematis fruticosa yellow to 1m 178 G
500 Clematis fusca dark blue/maroon to 150cm 63 G
501 Clematis fusca purple-brown 35-200cm 114 G
502 Clematis heracleifolia 'Cassandra' mid-deep blue/fragrant 60-100cm 184 G
503 Clematis heracleifolia v heracleifolia (v urticifolia) violet/lilac-blue 30-100cm 188 G
504 Clematis heracleifolia v tubulosa blue-purple 30-100cm 188 G
505 Clematis hexapetala white 30-100cm > G
506 Clematis hexapetala 'Mongolian Snowflake' white 30-90cm 175 G
507 Clematis hirsutissima v scottii dark violet-blue 15-65cm > G
508 Clematis integrifolia purple to 1m 91 G
509 Clematis integrifolia purple/blue/white to 1m 11 G
510 Clematis integrifolia 'Lake Baikal' lavender-blue 15-45cm 35 182 G
511 Clematis integrifolia 'Mongolian Bells' blue/lavender/pink/white 25-35cm 178 G
512 Clematis ispahanica white/purple anthers to 2m (scarify seed) 188 G
514 Clematis ligusticifolia white-cream to 6m 161 G
3068 Clematis ligusticifolia white 100cm Oregon: Aldrich Mtns 1067m 112 W
516 Clematis morefieldii (cannot send outside USA) pinkish/green to 5m 188 G
517 Clematis occidentalis lavender 3m 31 G
518 Clematis ochroleuca pale yellow-pale purple 20-70cm 188 G
519 Clematis ochroleuca 'Bald Knob' creamy white fuzzy flr 38cm 188 G
520 Clematis otophora yellow to 3m 188 G
521 Clematis pitcheri bluish-purple/reddish-purple to 4m 188 G
522 Clematis recta 'Lime Close' white flr/dark purple lvs to 1.5m 159 G
523 Clematis recta 'Purpurea' white flr/purple new lvs to 1.5m 1 182 G
526 Clematis tangutica bright yellow 2-4m 78 100 G
3069 Clematis terniflora (PI) white vine Massachusetts: Chilmark, Dukes Co 127 W
527 Clematis terniflora v mandshurica white 90-150cm 178 188 G