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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
3295 Sabatia angularis Virginia: Scott Co 151 W
1625 Sabatia foliosa 'White Rose' white 20cm 169 G
3296 Sabulina nuttallii v fragilis white Nevada: Washoe Co 1524m 72 W
1626 Salpingostylis coelestina blue-violet 15-30cm 44 G
1627 Salvia argentea white flr/silver-grey woolly lvs 30-60cm 90 156 G
1628 Salvia azurea blue 90-150cm 59 G
1629 Salvia brevilabra red-brown to 60cm 42 G
1630 Salvia canescens v daghestanica purple flr/silver-white woolly lvs 10-30cm 90 G
1631 Salvia chrysophylla lilac/yellow lip 20-60cm 156 G
1632 Salvia clevelandii lavender-dark purple flr/grey-green lvs 90-150cm 61 G
1633 Salvia coccinea scarlet/orange-red to 1m 153 G
1634 Salvia cyanescens purple-violet flr/velvety grey-green lvs 30-90cm 90 156 G
1635 Salvia darcyi coral-red to 1m 89 156 G
1636 Salvia deserta blue-purple to 70cm 146 G
1637 Salvia dorrii blue-purple flr/grey-green lvs 10-70cm 47 59 G
1638 Salvia dumetorum blue-purple to 90cm 146 G
1639 Salvia eigii purple/pale pink-white 30-100cm 155 G
1640 Salvia forsskaolei violet blue/white 60cm 64 117 160 G
1641 Salvia glutinosa pale yellow/maroon speckled 40-60cm 63 G
1642 Salvia greggii bright red 40cm 64 G
1643 Salvia greggii creamy yellow 50cm 64 G
1644 Salvia greggii (Z6 hardy) violet 144 G
1645 Salvia jurisicii violet-lavender flr/grey-green lvs to 30cm 62 90 156 G
1646 Salvia lyrata lavender blue 30-60cm 84 G
1647 Salvia lyrata pink flr/purple lvs 30-60cm 2 G
1648 Salvia microphylla magenta/red/pink/rose 100-130cm 70 G
1649 Salvia muelleri royal purple 45-75cm 128 G
1650 Salvia nutans violet-blue 50-120cm 37 42 G
1651 Salvia pachyphylla blue-violet/mauve-purple 30-60cm 72 89 G
1652 Salvia phlomoides violet-white flr/white woolly lvs to 45cm 156 G
1653 Salvia pisidica violet blue 15-35cm 156 G
1654 Salvia recognita pale pink flr/grey hairy lvs 60-90cm 42 156 G
1655 Salvia reflexa (PI) pale-dark blue 10-70cm 156 G
1656 Salvia roemeriana scarlet to 30cm 110 G
1657 Salvia sclarea pale mauve-lilac/white-pink 90-120cm 70 G
1658 Salvia transsylvanica lavender blue 60-90cm 156 G
1659 Salvia transsylvanica 'Blue Cloud' deep blue 60-90cm 144 G
1660 Salvia viscosa burgundy red 60cm 156 G
3297 Sambucus cerulea white 6-9m California: Mariposa Co 1524m 80 W
1661 Sanguinaria canadensis (moist packed) white to 40cm 159 G
1662 Sanguisorba 'Cangshan Cranberry' burgundy-red 1.5-2m 2 G
1663 Sanguisorba menziesii maroon-purple 30-100cm 136 G
1664 Sanguisorba officinalis 'Little Angel' ruby red flr/white-edged lvs 10-18cm 50 G
1665 Sanguisorba tenuifolia 'Rubra' red-purple to 1.5m 107 G
1666 Saponaria boissieri (x) pink 5-15cm 45 G
1667 Saponaria caespitosa purplish-pink 5-15cm 17 47 159 G
1668 Saponaria cypria pink to 15cm 156 G
1669 Saponaria ocymoides bright pink 5-25cm 117 G
1670 Saponaria pumilio pink-purple 1-5cm 47 159 G
1671 Sarracenia rubra ssp gulfensis 'AC Free' green pitcher/flr 40cm 169 G