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The 2022-2023 Surplus List is here for reference purposes only.

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
3002 Acaciella angustissima cream 100cm Arizona: Montezuma Pass 61 W
3 Acanthogilia gloriosa white/orange-red 1-3m 153 G
8 Acer davidii to 10m 167 G
11 Achillea clavennae white flr/silver lvs to 25cm 118 G
12 Achillea clypeolata yellow flr/grey felted lvs 45-60cm 11 G
3004 Achillea holosericea yellow 15-20cm Bulgaria: Galicica 1900m 186 W
13 Achillea sp (ex Utah) yellow 4-15cm 142 G
14 Achillea tomentosa yellow flr/woolly lvs 15-30cm 71 72 G
15 Achyrachaena mollis yellow/white 30cm 13 G
16 Acis nicaeensis white 5-18cm 172 G
17 Aconitum anthora yellow 25-100cm 193 G
19 Aconitum krylovii cream-yellow 30-130cm 99 126 G
20 Aconitum palmatum violet 60-120cm 193 G
21 Aconitum sp blue 60cm 19 G
22 Aconitum tauricum dark violet-blue 10-80cm 107 G
23 Aconitum vulparia pale yellow 50-120cm 190 G
24 Actaea asiatica white/purple-black frt 30-80cm 134 193 G
25 Actaea japonica white 60-80cm 171 G
26 Actaea pachypoda white flr/white frt 45-60cm > G
29 Actaea simplex Atropurpurea Group white-pale pink flr/dark purple lvs 120-180cm 1 167 G
30 Adlumia fungosa white/pale pink-purple 0.5-4m 3 182 G
32 Aethionema armenum pink flr/blue-grey lvs 10-20cm 21 182 G
33 Aethionema capitatum pink-pale lilac flr/blue-green lvs 5-15cm 182 G
34 Aethionema glaucinum pink 5-10cm 130 G
35 Aethionema grandiflorum pink flr/blue-grey lvs 15-30cm > G
36 Aethionema kotschyi pink 10-15cm 142 G
37 Aethionema saxatile pink-white flr/blue-green lvs 5-20cm 27 182 191 G
41 Agapanthus sp (evergreen) white 75cm 184 G
42 Agastache foeniculum lavender-purple 60-120cm 167 G
43 Agastache rugosa 'Golden Jubilee' lavender-blue flr/yellow-green lvs 60-90cm 94 G
44 Agastache rupestris orange 120cm 128 G
45 Agastache rupestris pink 60-90cm 135 G
46 Agastache rupestris salmon orange-pink flr/grey-green lvs 60-90cm 178 G
47 Agastache rupestris x cana hybrid dark pink-orange 100cm 128 G
48 Agave bracteosa white-pale yellow 45cm/1.8m flr scape 175 G
49 Agave difformis light green-yellow/pink 45cm/3-5m flr scape 175 G
52 Agave maculata pale yellow-white turn pink-rose flr/spotted lvs 36cm lvs/130cm flr 48 G
3006 Agave palmeri yellow/green 200cm Arizona: Chiricahuas 61 W
3007 Agave parryi blue/green 150cm Arizona: Tonto National Forest 61 W
53 Agave undulata 'Cherry Chocolate Chip' burgundy flr/spotted wavy lvs w/red-white edge 20-120cm 166 G
54 Agave virginica green flr 40cm lvs/140cm flr 164 G
56 Akebia quinata (PI) pale purple-dark purple flr/whitish-purplish frt to 12m 182 G
57 Albuca canadensis white/green 40-150cm 110 194 G
58 Albuca humilis white/green stripe to 10cm 54 G
59 Albuca shawii yellow to 30cm 38 54 G
61 Albuca suaveolens yellowish/green 10-50cm 194 G
62 Alcea rosea yellow 200cm 184 G
64 Aletris farinosa white-cream 40-100cm 176 G
65 Allium altaicum white/yellow-tinged 40-100cm 42 91 G
66 Allium amplectens 'Graceful Beauty' white/lavender stamens 30cm 99 G