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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
61 Alcea rugosa pale yellow to 1.8m 53 G
3009 Allium acuminatum rose purple 20-30cm Washington: Grant Co 400m 10 W
62 Allium altaicum white tinged yellow 40-100cm 45 G
63 Allium altaicum 'Bone Head' white flr/blue lvs 45cm 169 G
64 Allium angulosum (aff) pink 65 G
68 Allium callimischon white/purple-brown mid-vein 10-35cm 160 G
69 Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum rose-purple 30-50cm 94 167 G
70 Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum white 30-50cm 94 96 G
71 Allium cernuum mix 10-50cm 130 G
72 Allium cernuum pink 10-50cm 20 G
73 Allium cernuum pink/white 10-50cm 45 G
74 Allium cernuum purple 10-50cm 133 G
75 Allium cernuum 'Falling Stars' white 30-45cm 121 G
76 Allium cristophii purple-lavender to 50cm 160 168 G
77 Allium cupuliferum pink-purple flr/grey-green lvs 30-50cm 59 G
81 Allium decipiens ssp quercetorum rose 40-80cm 94 G
83 Allium falcifolium reddish purple 5-25cm 139 G
84 Allium flavum yellow 6-30cm 159 G
87 Allium forrestii dark red purple 15-30cm 30 G
88 Allium galanthum (ex Berkutenko) white 60-80cm 146 G
90 Allium karataviense whitish 25-30cm 27 119 G
93 Allium komarowii dark purple 30-50cm 59 G
94 Allium kwakense pinkish-purple 50-80cm 139 G
96 Allium macropetalum pink/dark midvein 5-20cm 74 G
98 Allium neapolitanum white 15-50cm 16 G
100 Allium nevskianum deep pink-red flr/blue-grey lvs 10-30cm 77 G
101 Allium nutans pink-pale purple 30-60cm 159 G
102 Allium obliquum pale yellow-greenish 60-100cm 34 125 167 G
103 Allium obliquum (ex Ruksans) bright green to 1m 21 G
104 Allium ochotense whitish-green 20-30cm 27 G
106 Allium pskemense white 40-100cm 34 G
107 Allium rotundum burgundy-purple 25-90cm 59 G
108 Allium schubertii pink-purple 30-60cm 160 167 G
109 Allium senescens pink-lilac 10-40cm 20 94 159 G
110 Allium senescens 'Mini Milli' deep pink-purple 30-45cm 159 G
111 Allium sibthorpianum mauvish-pink/purple 4.5-12cm 35 G
112 Allium siculum reddish/greenish-cream 50-120cm 160 G
113 Allium siculum ssp dioscoridis creamy green/pink-purplish 60-90cm 2 G
115 Allium sp purple 30cm 27 G
116 Allium sphaerocephalon reddish-purple to 50cm 45 G
117 Allium stellatum deep pink 20-50cm 156 159 G
118 Allium stellatum light pink 20-50cm 44 G
119 Allium stellatum ex Kandiyohi Co MN lavender 30-50cm 109 G
120 Allium tauricola purplish-pink/violet/dark midvein 5-25cm 75 G
121 Allium togashii pale pink-lavender 10-20cm 159 G
3012 Allium tolmiei white 10cm Oregon: Baker Co 1200m 66 W
122 Allium tripedale pink-purplish/white 50-90cm 137 G
123 Aloe cooperi salmon pink/green tip to 1m 133 G
124 Aloinopsis/Nananthus hybrids mix/various colors 4cm 46 G
126 Alstroemeria sp candy pink 50-60cm 94 G