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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1954 Talinum paniculatum 'Kingwood Gold' pink flr/chartreuse lvs 45-60cm 140 G
1955 Tanacetum coccineum 'Robinson's Red' red 60-90cm 123 G
1956 Tanacetum praeteritum ssp massicyticum white flr/grey-white downy lvs 15-30cm 178 G
1957 Taraxacum albidum white to 40cm 8 95 G
1958 Taraxacum atrans white/blush 2-8cm 13 118 130 G
1959 Taraxacum pseudoroseum pink/yellow center 10-20cm 151 G
1960 Tellima grandiflora Odorata Group white-cream 45-60cm 132 G
1961 Tephrosia spicata 'Awakening' white ages pinky red 15cm 175 G
1962 Tephrosia virginiana pale yellow/pink 30-60cm 175 G
1963 Tetraneuris acaulis yellow 2-30cm 130 151 G
1964 Tetraneuris herbacea yellow 6-35cm 178 G
1965 Tetraneuris scaposa yellow 14-40cm 178 G
1966 Tetraneuris torreyana yellow 2-15cm 65 G
1967 Teucrium botrys pink-purple 10-30cm 178 G
1968 Teucrium divaricatum pink/purple 10-30cm 194 G
1969 Teucrium flavum pale yellow flr/grey-green lvs 30-60cm 159 G
1970 Teucrium hircanicum deep reddish-purple 45-60cm 58 159 G
1971 Teucrium lamiifolium white 20-75cm 194 G
1972 Teucrium montanum yellowish white 15-30cm 10 191 G
3267 Teucrium polium white flr/white woolly lvs prostrate Turkey: Kure 1280m 186 W
1973 Teucrium procerum blue-violet 50-60cm 194 G
1974 Teucrium pseudochamaepitys white-pink 20-50cm 194 G
1975 Teucrium pyrenaicum cream/lavender 15-25cm 10 G
1976 Teucrium subspinosum red purple-pink flr/white woolly stems 10cm 194 G
1982 Thalictrum 'Elin' pale lilac-lavender flr/blue-green lvs to 2.5m 167 G
1977 Thalictrum alpinum purplish-green 5-20cm 11 154 G
1978 Thalictrum aquilegiifolium 'Album' white to 90cm 18 G
1979 Thalictrum baicalense white flr/slight bronze new lvs 40-80cm 182 G
1980 Thalictrum dasycarpum white 40-150cm 167 G
1981 Thalictrum delavayi white 60-150cm 159 G
1983 Thalictrum flavum ssp glaucum yellow flr/blue-green lvs 60-120cm 94 G
1984 Thalictrum minus yellowish green 30-90cm 67 G
1985 Thalictrum minus 'Adiantifolium' creamy yellow 30-90cm 95 G
1986 Thalictrum pubescens white-purplish 50-300cm 18 G
1987 Thalictrum rochebruneanum lavender-purple 120-180cm 29 164 187 G
1988 Thalictrum tuberosum cream to 40cm 178 G
1989 Thalictrum uchiyamae white-lavender to 60cm 99 G
1990 Thelesperma filifolium yellow/red-brown 10-40cm 123 G
1991 Thelocactus macdowellii red 10cm 7 G
1992 Thermopsis lanceolata yellow to 100cm 95 G
1993 Thymus camphoratus pink/purple 15-30cm 101 G
1994 Tiarella 'Elizabeth Oliver' white-pale pink flr/maroon-veined lvs 15-40cm 1 G
1995 Tiarella 'Sylvan Lace' white flr/maroon-center lvs 20-40cm 1 G
1996 Tithonia rotundifolia 'Torch' red-orange 120-180cm 136 G
1997 Tofieldia coccinea pinkish cream-deep crimson 2-20cm 149 G
1998 Townsendia exscapa white 1-3cm 89 G
1999 Townsendia hookeri white 1-3cm 2 151 161 G
2000 Townsendia incana white-pinkish tint 2-12cm 151 G
2001 Townsendia leptotes white-pinkish 1-3cm 43 G
2002 Townsendia leptotes 'Jeannie's Purple' lavender-purple 2.5cm 151 G