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Polygala calcarea
Narrow leaf segments of Delphinium qinghaiense; Calgary, AB.
Delphinium qinghaiense; Calgary, AB.
Unusual rounded and hairy leaves of Delphinium vestitum.
Unusual rounded and hairy leaves of Delphinium vestitum.
Note distinctive, stacked leaf arrangement.
Dianthus myrtinervius subsp. caespitosa; note distinctive leaf arrangement.
Matthiola anchoniifolia; true leaves emerging.
Matthiola trojana seedling; Calgary, AB.
Matthiola trojana; Calgary, AB.
Telesonix jamesii var. heucheriformis; Calgary, AB.
Townsendia condensata; Calgary, AB.
Tulipa tarda; Calgary, AB.
Allium textile in the wild, central AB.
Allium moly; Calgary, AB.
Allium flavum, small form; Calgary, AB.
Allium oreophilum; Calgary, AB.
Allium cyaneum; Calgary, AB.
Ajuga orientalis, in garden of Stephanie Ferguson; Calgary, AB.
Aethionema schistosum; Calgary, AB.
Adonis vernalis in bud; Calgary, AB.
Adonis x amurensis 'Fukujukai'; Calgary, AB.
Aconitum sp. ex. DaXue Shan; Calgary, AB.
Achillea ageratifolia; Calgary, AB.
Azorella tifurcata in spring; Calgary, AB.
Azorella trifurcata leaf close-up with spent flowers; Calgary, AB.
Azorella trifurcata; Calgary, AB.
Seedlings 3 weeks after germination; Phlomoides speciosa; Calgary, AB.
Seeds germinated in 8 days at room temperature; no pre-treatment; Phlomoides speciosa; Calgary, AB.
Flower close-up, Phlomoides speciosa; Calgary, AB.
Close-up of bud, Phlomoides speciosa; Calgary, AB.
Phlomoides speciosa with bud forming; Calgary, AB.
Phlomoides speciosa emerging in spring; Calgary, AB.
Kalmiopsis leachiana
Kalmiopsis leachiana
Lewisia columbiana var. rupicola
Lewisia columbiana
Lewisia columbiana
Draba incerta
Draba incerta
Rheum rhizostachyum
Plantago maritima
Salix X boydii
Rhodiola pachyclados
Rhodiola pachyclados
Colobanthus caniculatus

Latest Plant of the Month

Silene alpestris

General Description:

Silene alpestris, aka Heliosperma alpestre, is commonly called the alpine catchfly.  It is native to damp but stony meadows and slopes, at an elevation of 1200-2500 m. It's range is from the eastern Alps to the Balkans, usually on limestone substrates.  Plants form low tufts or mats to 15 cm high. It spreads slowly by thin rhizomes. Narrow deep green leaves are paired.  The white flowers are produced in loose terminal cymes June to August.  Individual flowers have five petals, each with three to five notches.


Alpine catchfly requires full sun, well-drained but moist soil soil.  It prefers alkaline conditions.  It is hardy to...

Latest Book of the Month

Hypertufa Containers: Creating and Planting an Alpine Trough Garden

by Lori Chips   Workman Publications, Inc., 2018     256 pp., paperback.

$24.95    $21.83 from Amazon    $18.50  on Kindle


            This book is a complete guide to every sect of designing, making and planting fascinating, creative hypertufa troughs. If you are a total novice, Lori’s clear, detailed, engaging writing will take you through every step with confidence.  I’m definitely going to recommend and make a gift of this book to friends who aren’t really gardeners, but would enjoy making and planting a trough to display on their patio.

            If you are an old hand I think...