Plant of the Month for Apr 2023

Phyteuma scheuchzeri

Description and General Information:

Commonly called the horned rampion, this bellflower relative is native primarily to rocky alpine areas of the European Alps and Apennines. Plants for a low tuft, to 15 cm, of narrow dark-green leaves held on long petioles. The flowers are held on wiry stems, 20-30 cm tall.  Each stem ends in a globular cluster of narrow mid to deep-blue flowers. The overall effects is similar to a pin-cushion or Allium flower.

Phyteuma scheuchzeri


This species is generally easy-going.  It needs a well-drained but evenly moist site in full sun to part shade. It is not fussy about the soil pH. It is hardy through zone 5.

Blooming Season:


Phyteuma scheuchzeri



Phyteuma scheuchzeri is most commonly propagated by seed.  Direct sow at 20 C; no stratification is required.  If plants are happy, they will self-seed on their own. Larger plants may be dug and divided in early spring.



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