Plant of the Month for Dec 2023

Tulipa turkestanica

Description and General Information:

This tulip is native to central Asia, where it occurs on rocky slopes and river margins at an elevation of 1800-2500 m. It grows 15-30 cm tall, producing 2-4 narrow, grey-green leaves and a raceme of up to 12 flowers (generally 3-7 is more common).  Each 5 cm diameter blossom is white with a yellow basal blotch. It is lightly fragrant.

Tulipa tukestanica


This species tulip is a popular choice for rock gardens and easy to please.  It requires full sun and well-drained soil but unlike many other species tulips, does not require a summer baking to perform well. Plant the bulbs 10 cm deep, 8 cm apart. It is not fussy about the soil pH. It may be used for naturalizing and is suitable for zones 3-8.

Tulipa turkestanica

Blooming Season:

March to May depending on the climate.

Tulipa turkestanica


Well grown plants will naturally divide their bulbs allowing for digging and dividing once the foliage has gone dormant.  Fall sown seed is also an option.

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