Fall flowering Gentians

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Love the Asian fall species and hybrids...mine are just starting to bud..I'll be lucky if they get open this year unless autumn stays nice...they typically don't flower here until late October at the best of times. Only G. andrewsii, G. cachemiriana, G. septemfida and G. asclepiadea are blooming in my garden at the moment.

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Despite (or more likely because of?) the exceptionally long hot but wet summer, my Gentiana septemfida is just beginning to bloom now.  Usually it starts blooming in mid August.

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I've only run into this plant a couple of times here- once in 2009 in full flower on a warm day, Aug 18, then at a different site in 2010, some buds seemingly suffering a bit from frost, on Aug 24...full post, more pics and descrips at http://nargs.org/smf/index.php?topic=591.msg14499#msg14499

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