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cohan wrote:

Great you could re-introduce :) Was it a Norwegian clone? are they spreading?

It is different sources. Some are plants I have collected as seedlings a place they are in abundance, others are seedlings I have bought. I haven't seen seedlings here yet but they haven't bloomed for more than a few years (and some years the flowers or the seedheads have been destroyed by grazing animals).I intend to help by collecting seed and plant.

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Mark McD
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RickR wrote:

What species are involved with P. x gayeri?


There is a name found in IPNI.ORG as Pulsatilla gayeri Simonk., reference Magyar Bot. Lapok v. 179 (1906), with the note: Hybr (probably indicating "Hybrid").  Judging from a search through Tropicos, The Plant List, google, and other references, it would seem this is a phantom species and not a current recognized taxonomic entity, probably representing a P. vulgaris hybrid.  I see it listed variably as P. x gayeri and P. vulgaris 'Gayeri', and under the various names there are hits on Flickr image galleries and such.

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