Speakers Tours

In October, 1993, Norman Singer, then President of NARGS and the Board of Directors, discussed the idea of providing internationally known speakers on alpine gardening and related horticultural topics to individual NARGS Chapters. The purpose of this new program was to give the opportunity to chapter members to meet and hear the programs of these outstanding speakers who they might never have the opportunity to meet or hear and assist them in their efforts to attract new members to their chapters.

The Speakers Tour is now chaired by Panayoti Kelaidis. The linked pages below contain the Speakers who have spoken or will speak in the respective years. You will also find a brief biography, the general schedule for their tour and their proposed program topics. As the date of their tour approaches, you will be able to see their specific scheduled dates of visits to individual chapters, NARGS members are encouraged to visit other chapters to hear speakers if the speaker is not coming to their chapter. It is a good opportunity to hear an outstanding speaker and to meet other NARGS members.