RGQ Winter 2019/2020

Foresight 2020: NARGS Annual General Meeting

Information on the NARGS AGM to be held in Ithaca, New York in June, 2020.

Pre-Conference Garden Tour: Preview in Words and Pictures
Carol Eichler

Gardens to be visited on the tours held before the AGM in June, 2020

Gardening with Glaciers
Bill Stark

Gardening in a dramatic landscape carved by glaciers.

Geology of the Finger Lakes
John Gilrein

History on a geologic scale of the landscapes around the 2020 NARGS Annual General Meeting.

Monitoring Alpine Plants in the High Peaks
Kayla White

Success story of restoring and monitoring a fragile alpine ecosystem.

Adirondack Chapter Builds a Public Rock Garden
Carol Eichler

Reflecting 20 years later on the process of creating a public rock garden.

Rock Gardening in a Sauna
Joseph Tychonievich

Lessons learned while rock gardening in a hot, humid climate.

Why Aren't They Up Yet?
Bob Nold

The question every gardener asks... why haven't my plants come up yet?