RGQ Fall 2020

Many Troughs in a Small Space
Allen Juba

Using troughs to make the most of a small, suburban garden.

From Alpines to Bogs: Gardening in Pots and Troughs in a Brooklyn Garden
Judi Dumont

Growing a diverse range of plants in a tiny urban garden.

Rooftop Conifer Garden
Colby Feller

Finding conifer varieties that thrive on rooftops in New York City

Trough Gardening Among Skyscrapers
Josie Lawlor

Creating a thriving ecosystem in the heart of the City.

Closing the Garden Gate
Bobby J. Ward

Downsizing to a condo doesn't mean giving up on gardening

Constructing a Container Crevice Garden
Jeremy Schmidt
Bobby J. Ward

Making and planting a crevice garden in a container

Bonsai Techniques for Conifers in Troughs and Rock Gardens
James Hughes

Learning from the world of bonsai to keep conifers small in the rock garden.

Western China in Autumn
Jeff Wagner

From blue gentians to yellow fall color, an account of visiting Western China at the end of the growing season.