RGQ - Fall 2015

From Denver to Steamboat Springs - Annual Meeting 2016
- Mike Kintgen -

Information about the Annual Meeting June 22-27, 2016, in Denver and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Senescent Beauty
- Lola Lloyd Horowitz -

"As we age, looking into the mirror can be a courageous act, whereas a walk into our autumnal gardens is rejuvenating. This article is a walk amongst some of species that offer senescent beauty between September and deep winter."

Two Fall-Blooming Gentians of the Eastern United States
- Uli Lorimer -

The article concentrates on the two gentians Gentiana autumnalis and G. crinita with information on their natural history and cultivation.

Public Rock Gardens across Colorado
- Ann Frazier -
- Mike Kintgen -

Details of eleven public rock gardens across Colorado plus information on opening, volunteering and the like. Includes a map and introduction. Will be valuable for those visiting the state.

Making Styrofoam Troughs
- Al Deurbrouck -

For many rock gardeners troughs are an invaluable item. Al discusses his methods for converting styrofoam containers into great rock-garden troughs.

Photo Contest 2015 - The Winners

Among this year's entries were stunning photographs. The winners and those highly commended represent the finest photographs submitted by members and there are some memorable images among them (including the cover photo).

Autumn Blues: Fall-Flowering Asian Gentians
- Todd Boland -

In a companion to Uli Lorimer's article on the fall-flowering gentians of the Eastern United States, Todd Boland surveys the wide range of gentians from Asia which flower in the fall. Packed with great pictures and a very wide range of species this is a valuable reminder of what we could be strengthening our autumn rock garden with.

Fireworks in the Fall: Award-winning Saxifraga fortunei cultivars
- Malcolm McGregor -

Saxifrages are predominantly plants which flower in he spring but there are some beautiful autumn-flowering species and cultivars. This report looks at the recent Royal Horticultural Society trial in England which led to Awards of Garden Merit for some exquisite plants.