Plant of the Month for Jan 2023

Draba rigida var. bryoides

Draba rigida ssp. bryoides

Description and General Information:

Draba rigida var. bryoides is native to Armenia and the Caucasus Mountains region where it grows as a chasmophyte on cliff faces. It generally grows on acidic substrates. Plants have stiff but moss-like foliage, forming buns or mounds up to 15 cm across. In spring it produces several wiry stems 5-8 cm tall, topped with a cluster of small, four-petalled yellow flowers.

Draba rigida

Draba rigida ssp. bryoides in the wild

Blooming Season

April and May


This Draba is an ideal subject for an alpine trough or modern-day crevice garden. It requires excellent drainage and performs better in drier climates than those that are wet and humid. Full sun is ideal but in warm locations, some afternoon shade is appreciated. It prefers acidic soil conditions over alkaline. It is hardy in zones 4-8.


Generally by seed which should be surface sown at 20 C; no stratification is required.

Draba rigida ssp. bryoides

Draba rigida ssp. bryoides growing in a trough