Past Years Seed Lists

If you've lost your copy of the seed list and your plant label is all but faded...
or you wish to see a sample of the wide range of seeds available in our Seed Exchange for our members...
you may view, download & print out the PDF files of several of our previous year's Seed Lists from the links below.

** Printing note: When printing out the PDF files, you may need to adjust your printer setting to “Fit to page” or “Shrink to fit”, as the files were originally formatted using an odd-sized page for the printed seed list booklet. This can easily be done in the latest versions of Adobe Reader or if you download the file to your computer first.

Please contact Laura Serowicz if you would prefer a .csv or .xls file to use with a spreadsheet program.

Please note that these seeds are NO LONGER AVAILABLE - DO NOT try to order from these lists!

2019-2020 NARGS Seed List 

2018-2019 NARGS Seed LIst

2017-2018 NARGS Seed List

2016-2017 NARGS Seed List

2015-2016 NARGS Seed List

2014-2015 NARGS Seed List

2013-2014 NARGS Seed List

2012-2013 NARGS Seed List

2011-2012 NARGS Seed List

2010-2011 NARGS Seed List

2009-2010 NARGS Seed List

2008-2009 NARGS Seed List

2007-2008 NARGS Seed List

2006-2007 NARGS Seed List

2005-2006 NARGS Seed List