Edge of the Rockies Durango AGM 2021

Durango AGM 2021

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For a direct link to the Durango web page information about the Annual Meeting and the Durango area, click here: https://www.durangonargs.org/

The NARGS annual meeting takes place at scenic Fort Lewis College in Durango,Colorado. Attendees wishing to lodge on campus will stay at West Hall, a modern 90-room facility with the outstanding mountain views. NARGS has reserved the entire building for the conference. At full capacity, there will be room for 180 people.

Note there is some confusion about the cost per dorm room which is $75 per person per night. Each dorm room has two extra-long twin beds. So that means it's $150 per night per couple or per 2 people. (In hotel lingo, that's called double occupancy.) If you want a dorm room all to yourself (single occupancy), an additional $25 is required on top of the $75. (In hotel lingo, that's called single supplement.)