Lewisia 2017 / 2018

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This forum on Lewisia has not had any entries since 2014.

I started a few  in the past season, and hope to plant them out next season.

Could some of you tell what are the best conditions for these plants ?


Submitted by Vaxvick on Sat, 12/16/2017 - 17:06

Dryish and sunny, well-drained soil but not necessarily sand, works for a couple of years here in Calgary but then the plants stop blooming and die the next year.  I don't know how to keep them alive.  Not sure how to reproduce the conditions in the Lewisia wall in Victoria BC. (will try to attach an image of that)

Linda VaxvickLewisia Wall

Submitted by RickR on Sun, 12/17/2017 - 08:42

Which Lewisia?  Most I've grown here in Minnesota need protection from the hot summer sun, an ample water source, but keep the stems dry(!).

Ah !   not on my full sun, hot corner, but so shaded from afternoon sun?

I have a couple of the cotyledon cultivars, and some species----Pygmaea, Rediva ? nevadensis ?

Going to wintersow some soon.

Do yours act as perennials ?  Some are monocarpic so would need to be replaced every few years ?

Submitted by RickR on Sun, 12/17/2017 - 15:58

Pygmaea, longipetala last about 5 years, cotyledon is totally perennial (as long as I treat it right).  Mine are in pots, and receive sun until the sun is 10 degrees past its zenith, when they get shaded by a Japanese Katsura tree.  I have a few rediviva seedlings that are limping along.  They want to grow in winter, which of course, they can't in my climate.  I need to try keeping them dry through the fall to hopefully keep them from sprouting until spring.  Maybe that will do the trick....


Submitted by Vaxvick on Sun, 12/17/2017 - 20:36

In Victoria the gardens at Government House are open to the public, at 1401 Rockland Ave, most of the time.  They are lovely in the spring.  See http://www.ltgov.bc.ca/gardens/map/default.html.   The Wall is near the building marked Cary Castle Mews.  

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Thanks Linda!

My youngest lives and works in Victoria.

I will try to get him to find it and take pictires for me.