Greetings from the edge of the Boreal Forest

Submitted by cohan on Sat, 02/19/2011 - 22:08

Many of you already know me from other fora..
Here in West Central Alberta (west of Red Deer) in the zone where Aspen Parkland (starting East of me about 20-30 miles, Aspen and grassland, Spruce and Willow in lower spots) meets Boreal Mixedwood Forest (Picea glauca and mariana, Populus tremuloides and balsamifera, numerous Salix, etc), and then Foothills Biome (same as previous, with Pinus added, etc) 20 miles west..
The foothills themselves start another 30-40miles farther on, and within 90mins driving or so, I can be in the front ranges of the Rockies....considerably more to get to the higher altitude routes...

Just living back here since 2007, and slowly working on outdoor gardens, which have to be coaxed if not wrestled from the 6 acres, much of which is naturally wooded, and the rest would be within a season or two if left to its own devices....


Submitted by cohan on Sun, 02/20/2011 - 12:33

Thanks Paul and Trond..
Yes, I'm just about to go out and cut some wood again! ;) I did yesterday with a high of no more than -20C still not much above that now, but supposed to get up to -8!

Submitted by cohan on Tue, 02/22/2011 - 01:00

Paul wrote:


Smart move to chop wood..... it's probably the only way you'll ever stay warm in that temperature.  ;D :)

You and Trond are both right, to a 'degree' ;) although if I stayed inside (assuming I already had enough firewood!) I would be warmer  ;D
The coldest part is while holding the chainsaw--the one hand holding the handle most tightly can get cold; while carrying wood and splitting etc, there is no problem.
Staying warm at -20C, though, barring strong winds  is not that hard with proper clothing. Its chilly for working outdoors, but I've done fine at -40 and been out walking and cycling (when I lived in the city) at that temperature, with lots of warm clothing!