Downloadable Seed List Files


Below are links to various files related to the seed list that you can view or download to your computer.


If you would like to a copy of the seed list for your records, you may view, print and/or download the pdf file of the 2018-2019 NARGS Seed List (garden-and wild-collected seeds) or the 2018-2019 Surplus Seed List (lists just the seeds available at the start of the Surplus round. Note - we also keep Past Seed Lists available on the website as pdf files for your convenience.  

For a spreadsheet or text version of the NARGS seed list contact Laura Serowicz. 

** Printing note: When printing out the PDF files for the Seed List and Donors Lists, you may need to adjust your printer setting to “Fit to page” or “Shrink to fit”, as the files were originally formatted using an odd-sized page for the printed seed list booklet. This can easily be done in the latest versions of Adobe Reader or if you download the file to your computer first.


The lists of seed donors by name or donor number can be downloaded/printed from the Donors List pdf. There is also a link to the donor's list on the seed ordering page if you just need a quick look for a donor while viewing the online Seed List.

The genus/species name changes or list of select plant groups (Cacti; Succulents; Grasses; Tree/shrubs; and Vines) used in this year's seed list are available to view or download from Species Name Changes & Selected Groups pdf. For more information about how the seeds are listed and the nomenclature resources, see the General Seed List Information page. 


A limited number of printed seed lists are still available by contacting the Seed Exchange Director: Joyce Fingerut, 537 Taugwonk Road, Stonington, CT 06378-1805. 

For a print version of the Surplus Seed Order List contact Seed Intake Manager: Laura Serowicz, 15411 Woodring St, Livonia, MI 48154-3029.