What Got Left on the Cutting-Room Floor

Thu, 2019-01-03 08:53 -- gsparrow
3 Jan
Anne Spiegel

ANYONE WHO HAS ever had to prepare a talk knows the angst of editing pictures. All of the plants in my garden are my favorites. The ones that turn out not to be my favorites go to plant sales or to a neighbor who puts them in heavily watered, super-rich soil and then assumes they were annuals when they don’t reappear the following spring. The plant pictures on the cutting-room floor are all loved for various reasons and it’s really hard to leave any of them behind when you feel they are equally deserving. In this article for the Rock Garden Quarterly, it seemed the perfect time to talk about some of the plants that didn’t make the cut through no fault of their own.


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Hi there

for those of us "newbies" can you identify what state you are gardening in?


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Beautiful garden designs!