Tufa The Ultimate for Alpines

Sun, 2018-12-09 08:36 -- gsparrow
9 Dec
Jacques Thompson
 A view of of the Thompson tufa rock garden

With the exception of the lucky few, most all of you reading this do not reside in an alpine environment. Yours truly, along with everyone
else in the Great Lakes Chapter of NARGS, is not counted among those lucky few. In fact I ask you
to imagine a flat, packed, clay path, wandering back for almost five unbroken decades. That would be an apt analogy of my gardening life here in southeastern Michigan. So of course, I have taken up rock-gardening, here in the Midwest, the very epicenter of the alpine gardening world! It is after all, merely the naturally rational destination (horticulturally speaking) in a landscape dominated by such soaring peaks as are found on a billiard table, combined with gritty, open, free- draining soil that grows tile-works and endless subdivisions.


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