Seeing Double

Sat, 2018-12-08 13:22 -- gsparrow
8 Dec
Brian Winchell
Trillium grandiflorum 'Pamela Copeland' (Tony Reznicek)

In the Great Lakes region, “trillium” mostly means Trillium grandiflorum, by far the most abundant species in the region, arguably the showiest of all trilliums, and the state wildflower for Ohio and provincial flower of Ontario. My first experiences with trillium came early; my grandfather was an avid gardener, even in later years when he became a snowbird. On his return trips from Florida, he would search for trilliums, especially variants and hybrids. When our family would visit his garden in the springtime, I noticed in the midst of very thick stands of trilliums two double forms of T. grandiflorum, one with green flowers and one with white. I would later learn my grandfather had not purchased these, but in fact found the green double himself, probably in the 1960s, so I assumed I could find them as well.


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