Mad About Mangave

Mon, 2018-11-05 10:32 -- blazej
16 Oct
Hans Hansen

MANGAVES ARE AN intergeneric hybrid between a Manfreda and an Agave.  My introduction to this fascinating group of plants goes back to the mid-1990s.  At that time I was Director of Research and Development at Shady Oaks Nursery in Waseca, Minnesota. I was managing a tissue culture lab, my primary crop was hostas, and I worked closely with hosta hybridizers helping them introduce their new selections into the wholesale market. One of the hybridizers was Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh, North Carolina. He had several Agave hybrids and forms of species he was trying to build up numbers of to put into his catalog. After twisting my arm and telling me they were hosta’s closest relative I agreed and began working on propagating them. Manfreda ‘Chocolate Chip’ soon followed as well as a number of variegated forms of Agave.

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