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Rebecca Lance

When we built our garden, siting rocks even before the house foundation was completed, I had clear ideas of what I wanted. I wanted the garden to be waterwise, to emphasize western natives, and to provide habitat for pollinators and a myriad of other garden friendlies such as quail, toads, and lizards. I wanted it to be filled with carpets of pink, purple, blue… basically any color except yellow. Yellow was very low on my list of desired colors. Yes, I know— it is bright and cheery and all things wonderful, but apparently I am not. I like acantholimons, cacti, and all things prickly. Purple, blue, burgundy— these are my colors. Yellow clothing has never appeared in my closet, not even once, and when we bought our property and started planning the landscape, I did not intend for yellow flowers to grace my garden.