The Highs and Occasional Lows of Chapter Flower Shows

Thu, 2019-01-03 09:17 -- gsparrow
3 Jan
Margaret Bowditch

EACH APRIL THE Delaware Valley Chapter of NARGS kicks off its spring schedule with a flower show. This venerable tradition allows our horticultural wizards to show off their treasures and offers future wizards a chance to dip their toes in the water. Members see familiar plants beautifully grown or new plants they might like to grow. The show is fairly low key and works well. In part, this is because instead of the usual chair rotation our show chair, Rad MacFarlane, has done the job for ten years. He and his vice-chairs, Michelle Hall and Gwynne Ormsby, have a seasoned committee who look forward to working at the show. Another bonus is that many of our members have worked at the Philadelphia Flower Show as committee members or exhibitors. That show is held at the beginning of March, and most years we fight snow and ice as well as sharp-elbowed competitors. In contrast, our chapter shows are usually blessed with benign weather and friendly competition. Many of the entries are plants that have been passed along from member to member as gifts or purchased at our seasonal sales, so members see old friends, both people and plants.


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