A Heritage of Horticulture: Botanic Gardens and Arboreta in the Delaware Valley

Thu, 2019-01-03 09:44 -- gsparrow
3 Jan
Betty Mackey
One of the gardens at Chanticleer.

IN THE DELAWARE Valley of Pennsylvania, USA (encompassing Philadelphia, Bucks County, the Brandywine Valley, and nearby areas), history and horticulture are natural partners. Many of the botanic gardens and arboreta here display the Quaker heritage of loving and studying the natural world. If you are coming to this area – say, in May for the NARGS Spring Study Weekend – plan to add a little extra time for visiting these wonderful places. Here is a brief alphabetical guide to some of them, mentioning what is open, when, and listing some of the special-interest features. Some places charge a fee, some have restricted hours, and some have photo restrictions for professionals, so it is wise to check online ahead of time. There are over thirty unique and wonderful botanical gardens and arboreta within thirty miles (48 km) of Philadelphia.


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