Growing Hardy Cyclamen from Seed

Sat, 2018-11-10 13:16 -- blazej
28 Oct
Margaret P. Bowditch
A diversity of Cyclamen hederifolium leaves.

WE LIVE IN southeastern Pennsylvania, on the edge of USDA hardiness zone 7, but some winters can have times of zone 6 weather. In the warmer half of the year we live in coastal Maine in a zone 5 climate. I have cyclamen in both places, but most are in Pennsylvania.  Growing these little treasures is not an instant gratification project, as it takes 2 – 3 years from seed to garden plant, but the reasons for growing cyclamen are many. These plants produce their pink or white flowers when little else is in flower, and they are often fragrant. In addition to the blooms,  their foliage alone would make them worth growing. Foliage can be plain green, silver, pewter, or elegantly patterned and is attractive at least 6 months of the year. We used to live in a house with all sorts of gardening situations indoors and out, but for the last 4 years we have lived in a retirement community in a 3-room apartment with small gardens outside. So I am challenged to find microclimates, etc., but gardeners are born for challenges. Despite the challenges, I have found a method that works for me, and I end up with too many plants and have to give them away or sell them at plant-group benefits. 

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