Cracking the Cyclamen Code

Fri, 2018-11-02 04:51 -- blazej
21 Oct
Betty Ann Addison

TURNING THE CORNER in a woodland path at the Denver Botanic Gardens many years ago, I was blown away by hundreds of blooming cyclamen seemingly thrown down like a Persian carpet beneath the trees. A wild array of leaf patterns made each plant glow like a piece of carved jade. From that moment, it became an obsession to find out the secret for such rich abundance in a cold climate.

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Submitted by Bertil Larsson on

I have grown some of this wonderful plants. Good drainage is important. I grow some Cyclamen coum in gravel and that is ok. Others as C. purpurascens and C. hederifolium I have a under trees where the lowist branches are taken away. It seem good as they selfsow some. I use to take care of the seeds for our seedlist and myself but some seeds are still left. The leaves are so differrent on seedlings.

Hard winters can kill the plants especially C hederifolium. C purpurascens seem to be the hardist and it also has flowers most all summer and keep the leaves all year around.



Bertil Larsson, Dals Rostock, Sweden