Changing Perceptions of Southern Rock Gardens: Experiences at Peckerwood Garden

Thu, 2019-04-04 07:27 -- gsparrow
4 Apr
Adam Black
Peckerwood’s first rock garden, featuring Dicentra eximia ‘Dolly Sods’ in the foreground

WHEN I MENTION rock gardens to casual gardeners here in Texas, the response is always “Oh, I love cacti and agaves.” When I then try to explain how I aim to mimic the overall look of a northern rock garden, with a variety of miniature, compact perennials, dwarf shrubs, and other small plants with the growth habit of alpine plants, there is then the knee-jerk reaction that those plants will never take the Texas heat. If I try to detail further how there are so many small plants native to Texas, the South, and from other hot, humid climates of the world which, when properly planted among well-positioned rocks, can create the same effect, I usually have totally lost them. To most people, a rock garden in the South only means xeric, succulent plants and can be nothing more.


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