Boyd Kline: The Old Man of the Mountains in Kashmir and Ladakh

Sun, 2018-12-09 08:47 -- gsparrow
9 Dec
Barry Starling

In the spring of 1978 Boyd Kline wrote to me inviting me to join him and Reuben Hatch in an expedition to Kashmir to see its wonderful flora.

In the year following our expedition, Boyd wrote an account in the American Rock Garden Society Bulletin (now the Rock Garden Quarterly) vol. 37 no. 3, about perhaps the richest areas for plant treasures that we visited during that trip. Characteristically modest, he presents himself as the guy that just tagged along, but his contribution in the form of knowledge of the plants of the area was invaluable. At the time of the article, color was not used in the Bulletin so just five black-and-white photographs were published although Boyd had taken many excellent color shots. He described himself at the start of the article as “the old man of the mountains” so the following, fuller account of our travels is dedicated to that grand old man of the mountains.


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