Bloodlines in the Rock Garden

Mon, 2018-11-05 11:33 -- blazej
24 Sep
Kenton Seth

I’VE BEEN THINKING and worrying a lot about the bloodlines of plants we keep lately. Now, the rock garden posse, as a whole, aren’t greenhorns at making plants from scratch, since that’s what makes them happy: growing things they can’t buy at the big box store, let alone garden centers. But times are a-changing, and there’s a generation gap. Young plant lovers are not going into nursery work yet, so the baton is getting dropped between them and the old guard, the great librarians of rock garden plant genes. I’m afraid we’ll wake up one day to find that no one has kept up certain plants. Now don’t think I’m crazy, I’m a spring chicken among the old timers, but I’ve seen it, and it’s happening more and more! Folks have to go back to wild places and collect the same plants again – not to refresh the bloodlines, but restart them. Why didn’t we keep enough around to keep these plants going? 

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