Townsendia alpigena var. alpigena

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Townsendia alpigena var. alpigena

I have a single plant of Townsendia alpigena (syn T. montana). This is a wonderfully colored little Townsendia from the Rockies. I have high hopes that it will seed around.

Mark McD
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A deep color beauty there!  My goodness, I'll need to add this to my "plants to lust after" list :D

Interesting, FNA maintains T. montana and puts T. alpigena into synonymy, and with the USDA vice-versa.  I see that The Plant List agrees with FNA.

Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at  

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John, I hope too that your Townsendia will seed around a lot! What a sight it may be :o

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Wow! That's a Townsendia with some color. I grow quite a number of species in this genus but they are mostly in seed already. I just wish they would stay in bloom a little longer.

Jim Hatchett, Eagle Idaho USA  Zone 5? 11" average annual precipitation

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That's a sweet one, John! do you (anyone) find Townsendia remain distinct in the garden, or do they interbreed?

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Peter George
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I keep them in different areas of the garden. I've currently got 6 different ones, and so far it doesn't appear that I have any hybrids. I'm growing T. spathulata, T. exscapa, T. hookeri, T. leptotes, T. rothrockii and T. montana var. caelilinensis. All have wintered over at least once, and the T. rothrockii is now 4 years old and still looking healthy. All have produced seedlings, and each one has grown up to be exactly the right kind of plant.

Peter George, Petersham, MA (north central MA, close to the NH/VT borders), zones 5b and 6 around the property.

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