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Re: cactus ID

Seed for this cactus came to me as Echinocereus triglochidiatus (sp?). I was expecting a red flower but it turned out yellow - pretty but not what I wanted. I note there are many different species of Echinocereus. Can you tell from the picture which one it is? Perfectly hardy here. Thanks. Fran

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Frances; That's the spitt'n image of Opuntia polyacantha! Seed is large, discoid and light tan. Echino seed is much smaller, roundish and black. Seed supplier should have known better, they're really hard to get mixed up!

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Can anyone ID these for me please.

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Michael, aren't those South American? The first one could be a Parodia, the second a Notocactus and the last two are Mammilaria species but I am no expert in these matters ;)

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