Phyteuma vagneri

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Peter George
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Phyteuma vagneri

I picked up a rather sizable Phyteuma vagneri at our Chapter plant sale (brought by Harold Peachey) and I without a clue about what to do with it. I've grown one or two small Phyteumas in the past, but this one is new to me. Any cultivation experience?

Lori S.
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Since there has been no answer here, I thought I'd mention that Graham Nicholls says, in his Dwarf Campanulas that it is very striking, due to its blackish violet flowers, but warns that it can self-seed vigorously.  I haven't grown P. vagneri but I find that the ones I do grow (P. scheuchzeri, P. charmelii, P. nigrum... I'll have to check if I still have the latter - the best of the bunch - or whether it has been crowded out) seem undemanding.  I have them in regular soil in sun to part sun. 

Lori Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Zone 3 -30 C to +30 C (rarely!); elevation ~1130m; annual precipitation ~40 cm

Tim Ingram
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Some grow very well in sparse grassy meadows and die down after flowering (viz: nigrum). You might just be able to make out the little clump of blackish flowers off centre in this picture, taken at Blackthorn Nursery. This is a grassy bank planted up with many species of bulbs and meadow perennials. Might take a while to make something like this!

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