Mount Rainier

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Mount Rainier

Here's a video of some of our explorations last week. It starts with a hike up Burroughs Mountain and concludes with thousands of Erythronium montanum waving in the breeze.

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Gee  :o  David

Lovely images --the 'field' of Erythronium is absolutely stunning --what a sight ..   :-* :-* :-*I just had to go back and replay that scene a couple of times. Thank's for posting and the link .

Cheers Dave.

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I hope I live long enough to visit all the wonders of the world! Mt Rainier is on that list!

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wonderful as usual! It brings back great memories of a lovely mountain.

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David, the sight of that carpet of erythronium is beyond exquisite. I thank you so much for sharing that. I have used this as an 'excuse' to bring the attention of the SRGC Forumists back to to your website and videos, utilising a mention Tony W. had made of your trails previously.

Thank you for this most pleasureable walk  :)

Ian  and/or Margaret Young ( -here it is usually Margaret) Aberdeen , North East Scotland, UK Zone 8a

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