Michigan woodland plant for ID, please

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Michigan woodland plant for ID, please

I have been sent these photos for ID of a plant growing in Michigan . The photos were taken yesterday 5th August....... it looks like a Filipendula to me, though the flower structure isn't right for that.....so perhaps you American Folks will be quicker with the answer than I......

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Looks like an Aruncus dioicus to me!

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Hoy wrote:

Looks like a Aruncus dioicus to me!

Trond, I believe you are correct.  There are several varieties, I believe it is Aruncus dioicus var. dioicus.  Those who grow this plant reveal that they must weed out the prolific self-sown seedlings lest it smother everything else around.


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Hi Guys! Thanks for this..... an SRGC forumist came up with the same conclusion. I feel stupid for not maikng the Rosaceae connection all the way to Aruncus! Especially when I weeded it out of my own garden many moons ago :-X

Yes, I reckon the plant can be a real pest at times........ I've mentioned that to my Michigan correspondent.

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