Finding plants in Greece

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Finding plants in Greece

Although organising tours in Greece takes most of our time, we also try to find some new species we did not see before.Last year our focus was on finding Omphalodes runemarkii and Paeonia mascula ssp hellenica.Omphalodes runemarkii was described as a new species quite recent, in 2005 by well knownbotanists Arne Strid and Kit Tan from Denmark.O.runemarkii grows in the southern parts of the Parnon(as) mountain range in the south east ofthe Peloponnese peninsula. Being cultivated at the Göteborg botanical garden first, its now alsoavailable for the garden under the tradename of Omphalodes runemarkii "Blue Eyes". Also in 2005, Achillea occulta was described as a new species in these mountains.

Paeonia mascula ssp hellenica is known from the Taygetos mountains(Peloponnese) and Evia andAndros islands.We had to return to the spot where we found it on Mt Taygetos several times before we finally found them flowering.

Regards, Klaas.

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It seems hardly necessary to call the Omphalodes 'Blue Eyes', it's so beautiful as it is! Certainly a plant I shall look out for - I grow several other species and they are all very lovely.

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Splendid plants, and the setting is no less splendid!  :o

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