17-18 SeedEx

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17-18 SeedEx

got seeds today, all but one first choices-thanks Donna G. and all the NARGS folks that participate in the seedex and make this wonderful benefit possible

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Yes sir!

I came home yesterday afternoon from a long day wrapping up a long week, and was thrilled to find that my seeds had come.

Like you Harold, I received 34 first choices and 1 second choice.  I am absolutely ecstatic with the new seeds.

Thank you to all involved in organizing and making this SEESEX possible!  I am very grateful for this opportunity to add to my collection of plants.

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Ours arrived yesterday! Only 9 days to get from Sonora, CA to Redesdale, Australia - that's pretty good considering it takes the mail a day to get here from Melbournecheeky

Only missed out on 3 of the first choices but they were pretty rare,



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I want to add my thanks to all the volunteers who make the Seedex possible.

This is often the only way that some of us can access some seeds.

There are already sprouts on Meconopsis and Lewisia. 

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We have also received our seed order! Thank you to all the donors and volunteers!





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