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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1791 Taenidia integerrima yellow 40-80cm 8 G
1792 Tagetes erecta 'Cinnabar' dark red/yellow edge 60-90cm 114 G
1793 Tagetes minuta pale yellow 20-180cm 2 G
1794 Talinum paniculatum 'Kingwood Gold' pink flr/chartreuse lvs 45-60cm 75 121 G
1795 Tanacetum niveum white flr/silver-grey lvs 45-90cm 44 G
1796 Tanacetum praeteritum ssp massicyticum white flr/grey-white downy lvs 15-30cm 156 G
1797 Taraxacum albidum white to 40cm 8 109 G
1798 Taraxacum faeroense yellow flr/dark red-black lvs to 15cm 169 G
1799 Taraxacum leucanthum white/yellow center 15-30cm 98 G
1800 Taraxacum pseudoroseum pink/yellow center 10-20cm 47 130 G
1801 Telesonix jamesii crimson-purple 6-18cm 156 G
1802 Tellima grandiflora 'Forest Frost' greenish white-pink flr/silver-green lvs turn red 20-70cm 42 G
1803 Tellima grandiflora Odorata Group cream-green flr/fragrant 45-60cm 43 G
1804 Tephrosia virginiana pale yellow/pink 30-60cm 60 169 G
1805 Tetraneuris acaulis yellow 2-30cm 47 G
1806 Tetraneuris herbacea yellow 6-35cm 156 G
1807 Tetraneuris ivesiana yellow 10-26cm 46 G
1808 Teucrium botrys pink-purple 10-30cm 156 G
1809 Teucrium flavum pale yellow 25cm 160 G
1810 Teucrium hircanicum deep reddish-purple 45-60cm 89 G
1811 Teucrium orientale lilac-blue 20-50cm 24 G
1812 Thalictrum actaeifolium mauve-lilac/white 45-90cm 107 G
1813 Thalictrum aquilegiifolium lilac-purple to 90cm 159 G
1814 Thalictrum aquilegiifolium white/pink/lavender mix 100cm 160 G
1815 Thalictrum baicalense white flr/slight bronze new lvs 40-80cm 159 G
1816 Thalictrum dasycarpum white 40-150cm 63 G
1817 Thalictrum delavayi purplish-lilac 60-150cm 77 G
1818 Thalictrum delavayi 'Album' white 60-150cm 38 G
1819 Thalictrum ichangense pale pinkish-purple/white 14-30cm 35 G
1820 Thalictrum isopyroides greenish flr/blue-grey lvs 15-50cm 94 G
1821 Thalictrum minus yellowish green 30-90cm 124 G
1822 Thalictrum pubescens white-purplish 50-300cm 79 G
1823 Thalictrum rochebruneanum lavender-purple 120-180cm > G
1824 Thalictrum rubescens white 10-20cm 147 G
1825 Thalictrum tuberosum cream to 40cm 156 G
1826 Thalictrum uchiyamae white-lavender to 60cm 94 G
1827 Thelesperma filifolium yellow/red-brown 10-40cm 99 G
1828 Thelocactus rinconensis (ssp nidulans) white 10cm 95 G
1829 Thermopsis lanceolata yellow to 100cm 109 G
1830 Thermopsis villosa yellow 90-150cm 144 G
1831 Thymophylla pentachaeta yellow/orange-yellow flr/grey-green lvs 15-25cm 149 G
1832 Thymophylla pentachaeta v pentachaeta 'Laredo Gold' golden yellow 25cm 169 G
1833 Thymus nitens pink 10-30cm 128 G
1834 Tigridia pavonia red-orange 45-60cm 70 G
1835 Tigridia pavonia white 45-60cm 94 G
1836 Tigridia pavonia white/dark red center 50-75cm 160 G
1837 Tofieldia coccinea pinkish cream-deep crimson 2-20cm 148 G
3324 Tolmiea menziesii rust 35cm Oregon: Santiam Pass 1280m 115 W
1838 Townsendia hookeri white 1-3cm 47 G
1839 Townsendia incana white-pinkish flr/hairy lvs 2-12cm 47 G