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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1595 Rabiea albipuncta yellow to 22cm 46 G
1596 Ramonda myconi deep violet 6-12cm 41 65 G
1597 Ramonda nathaliae lilac/violet 8cm 65 G
1598 Ramonda serbica lilac to 8cm 20 65 G
1599 Ranunculus amplexicaulis white flr/grey-green lvs to 30cm 17 G
1600 Ranunculus calandrinioides white/tinged pink to 20cm 35 G
1601 Ranunculus gramineus yellow 30-45cm > G
1602 Ranunculus platanifolius white 30-100cm 17 G
1603 Ratibida pinnata yellow to 125cm 101 G
1604 Rebutia sp. nov. WK 843 65 G
3282 Rheum acuminatum India: Above Yumthang, Sikkim 4000m 165 W
3283 Rheum nobile India: Yumesamdong, Sikkim 4500m 165 W
1605 Rhexia mariana pink-lavender/white 20-80cm 3 G
1606 Rhexia virginica rose-lavender 20-60cm 60 G
3284 Rhexia virginica magenta 25cm New York: Oswego Co 124 W
1607 Rhodiola rosea pale green-yellow/red tip flr/blue-green lvs 5-40cm 82 G
3285 Rhododendron arborescens white 3m Pennsylvania: Somerset Co 111 W
1608 Rhododendron atlanticum white/flush pink-rose .5-1m 94 G
3286 Rhododendron calendulaceum Tennessee: Carter Co 25 W
3287 Rhododendron catawbiense Tennessee: Carver's Gap, Carter Co 25 W
3339 Rhododendron ciliatum India: Above Lachung, Sikkim 3200m 165 W
1609 Rhododendron dauricum 'Album" white to 2m 20 G
1610 Rhododendron ferrugineum pink to 60cm 20 G
3288 Rhododendron niveum India: Above Lachung, Sikkim 3200m 165 W
3289 Rhodolirium andicola wine 10-20cm Chile: Llaima 1600m 164 W
3290 Rhus typhina North Carolina: Burke Co 25 W
1611 Richea pandanifolia deep pink-red 2-12m 38 G
1612 Romulea bulbocodium violet-lilac/yellow/white 10-15cm 130 G
1613 Romulea namaquensis rose-salmon pink 7-20cm 12 G
1614 Romulea subfistulosa rose-pink/yellow eye 10-25cm 12 G
1615 Rosa glauca pink flr/glaucous-purple lvs 1.5-3m 150 G
1616 Rosa moyesii red 1-4m 150 G
1617 Rosa sicula rose-pink 60-150cm 150 G
3291 Rosa sp orange hips/short lvs 1m China: Biluo Xueshan, Yunnan 127 W
3292 Rosa sp red flask-shaped hips 1m China: NW Yunnan 127 W
3293 Rosa sp (repeat bloomer) white flr 1m China: near Dequin, Yunnan 127 W
1618 Rosa spinosissima cream-white/pale pink 20-140cm 94 G
1619 Roscoea scillifolia f atropurpurea dark purple-black 10-25cm 16 G
1620 Rubus parviflorus white flr/red frt to 2.5m 128 G
3294 Rudbeckia occidentalis black 80cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2103m 115 W
1621 Ruellia 'Black Beauty' pale lilac flr/black lvs to 25cm 169 G
1622 Ruellia humilis lavender-lilac 30-60cm 107 G
1623 Ruschia pulvinaris deep magenta flr/blue-green lvs 7-12cm 91 G
1624 Ruta graveolens yellow flr/blue-green lvs 60-90cm 104 G