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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1105 Lallemantia canescens dark violet blue-lavender 20-50cm 156 G
1106 Lamprocapnos (Dicentra) spectabilis 'Valentine' red/white flr/dark stems & new lvs 30-60cm 139 G
1107 Laser trilobum white 60-120cm 23 G
1108 Lathyrus aureus coppery-orange 30-60cm 106 G
1109 Lathyrus vernus blue-purple 20-40cm 121 G
1110 Lathyrus vernus pink to 30cm 93 G
1111 Lathyrus vernus reddish-purple 20-40cm 159 167 G
1112 Lavandula canariensis lavender-blue to 75cm 64 G
1113 Leibnitzia anandria pink 5-20cm 30 G
1114 Leibnitzia anandria white 5-20cm 23 109 G
1115 Leopoldia comosa violet-blue/brownish-green 20-60cm 94 G
1116 Leptospermum scoparium 'Adrianne' double pink-red 2-3m 40 G
1117 Lessertia frutescens red-orange flr/grey-green lvs 50-100cm 154 G
3173 Lessingia leptoclada lavender to 1m California: Mariposa Co 1524m 80 W
1118 Leucojum aestivum white/yellowish green tips 30-60cm 27 G
1119 Leuzea conifera pink-purple flr/white-felted lvs 15-30cm 45 G
1120 Lewisia cotyledon apricot 10-30cm 65 G
1121 Lewisia cotyledon mix 10-30cm 47 65 141 G
1122 Lewisia cotyledon pink 10-30cm 65 G
1123 Lewisia cotyledon pink/white edge 10-15cm 107 G
1124 Lewisia cotyledon yellow 10-30cm 65 G
1125 Lewisia nevadensis white 5-12cm 43 82 G
1126 Lewisia rediviva rose-pink 1-3cm 153 G
3174 Lewisia rediviva v minor white Nevada: Washoe Co 2438m 72 W
3175 Lewisiopsis tweedyi salmon/apricot 15-25cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns 600m 10 W
1127 Liatris aspera pink-purple 30-180cm 119 G
1128 Liatris aspera 'Bastrop' purple to 90cm 169 G
1129 Liatris ligulistylis pinkish purple 20-100cm > G
1130 Liatris microcephala lavender-purple 30-80cm 2 116 119 G
1131 Liatris punctata lavender-purple 15-85cm 156 162 G
3177 Liatris punctata Nebraska: Frontier Co 144 W
1132 Liatris pycnostachya deep rose purple 60-120cm 2 G
1133 Liatris spicata pink-purple 40-110cm 86 129 G
1134 Libertia sessiliflora pale blue to 60cm 106 G
1135 Ligularia japonica yellow 50-100cm 2 G
1136 Ligularia subsagittata yellow 25-90cm 20 G
3178 Ligusticum grayi white 60cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2316m 115 W
1137 Ligusticum porteri white 90-180cm 156 G
1138 Lilium canadense yellow to 1.8m 60 G
1139 Lilium catesbaei orange 60cm 97 G
1140 Lilium columbianum orange/tan spots 90cm 69 G
1141 Lilium columbianum yellow/orange w/maroon spots to 1.7m 6 G
3179 Lilium columbianum orange 90cm Canada: Port Renfrew, BC 131 W
1142 Lilium concolor 'Shikoku Yellow' yellow/red spots 30-60cm 139 G
1143 Lilium formosanum white/maroon stripe outer 120-200cm 133 150 169 G
1144 Lilium humboldtii orange-yellow/red spots to 3m 100 G
3180 Lilium kelleyanum orange 1m California: Plumas Co 1707m 115 W
1145 Lilium martagon dark maroon 1-2m 26 G
1146 Lilium martagon mix 1-2m 92 G
1147 Lilium martagon pink 60cm 60 G