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2023-2024 Seed Ordering - NOW CLOSED - Surplus round ordering ended March 15th.

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR’s List – Check back December 15, 2024 for next opening.

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Due to Phytosanitary restrictions, members from the European Union, UK, Australia, and Japan cannot order any moist packed seed and cannot place an order in the Surplus Round. Australia and New Zealand members may only order seeds permitted entry by their countries.

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
710 Eccremocarpus scaber dark red 3m 160 G
711 Echeandia chandleri 'Sierra Chiquita' golden yellow to 120cm 169 G
712 Echinacea purpurea pink-purple 50-120cm 84 86 G
713 Echinocactus parryi yellow 20-30cm 95 G
714 Echinocereus reichenbachii ssp baileyi pink-magenta 7.5-30cm 88 G
715 Echinocereus reichenbachii v reichenbachii pink-magenta/purple 7-30cm 111 G
716 Echinocereus rigidissimus ssp rubispinus pinkish-red/magenta flr/red-purple spines 25cm 95 G
717 Echinocereus viridiflorus ssp chloranthus yellowish green/dark red-brownish 7-15cm 88 G
718 Echinops ritro steel blue 90-120cm 79 152 G
719 Echium vulgare blue-purple 30-90cm 64 156 G
720 Edraianthus dinaricus violet-blue 2-6cm 5 G
721 Edraianthus graminifolius blue-violet 5-10cm 30 G
722 Edraianthus pumilio violet-blue flr/silver lvs 1-3cm 30 G
723 Edraianthus serpyllifolius deep violet 2-5cm 30 G
724 Edraianthus tenuifolius blue-violet 5-20cm 62 G
725 Elmera racemosa white/cream 10-35cm 159 G
726 Elymus elymoides 8-65cm 128 G
727 Enemion biternatum (moist packed) white 10-40cm 159 G
728 Ennealophus euryandrus blue-lavender 30cm 132 169 G
729 Eomecon chionantha white 20-40cm 2 G
730 Ephedra fedtschenkoae red cones to 10cm 90 G
731 Ephedra monosperma red cones to 15cm 90 G
732 Ephedra sinica red frt to 40cm 23 G
733 Epilobium canum ssp canum orange-red 20-60cm 6 160 G
734 Epilobium canum ssp garrettii pink 15-40cm 156 G
735 Epipactis gigantea greenish-rose/red-brown 30-100cm 94 G
736 Eranthis hyemalis yellow to 15cm 19 94 G
738 Eranthis hyemalis 'Grunling' yellow/green stripes to 15cm 139 G
739 Eranthis hyemalis 'Orange Glow' orange-deep yellow 5-15cm 19 G
740 Eranthis hyemalis 'Schwefelglanz' pale sulphur yellow-apricot 5-15cm 19 G
737 Eranthis hyemalis (moist packed) yellow 5-15cm 27 159 G
3107 Eremogone (Arenaria) capillaris white 15-20cm Washington: Chumstick Mtn 1800m 10 W
741 Eremogone (Arenaria) hookeri v hookeri white 1-15cm 47 G
742 Eremogone (Arenaria) pseudacantholimon white 15-30cm 34 130 156 G
743 Eremurus himalaicus white 120-180cm 145 G
744 Eremurus isabellinus (x) 'Cleopatra' peach-soft orange to 1.5m 160 G
745 Eremurus spectabilis white-yellowish/orange-red anthers 70-150cm 16 G
3108 Ericameria bloomeri yellow 60cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 1524m 115 W
3109 Ericameria greenei yellow 30cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2286m 115 W
746 Erigeron aliceae (aff) rose-purple 45-60cm 6 G
747 Erigeron arenarioides pale blue 6-25cm 6 G
748 Erigeron aureus yellow flr/woolly grey lvs 1-15cm 6 90 G
749 Erigeron chrysopsidis yellow 3-15cm 6 G
750 Erigeron compositus mix 5-15cm 59 G
3110 Erigeron compositus pale violet 10cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2743m 115 W
752 Erigeron compositus 'Railroad Ridge' lavender-pink flr/grey-green lvs 5cm 47 159 G
751 Erigeron compositus (dwarf form) white 3cm 47 G
753 Erigeron elegantulus blue 3-15cm 6 G
754 Erigeron flettii (aff) hot pink 4cm 11 G
755 Erigeron flettii (aff) lavender/white 6cm 5 G