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Tim Ingram
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As a quick addendum to this - I think the best book I have on alpine gardening is 'Rocky Mountain Alpines' - Alpines '86, because of its wonderful breadth of coverage, which includes the experience of gardeners from all around the world. It would be a great model for where the website might go, if it's not there already in many respects.

Dr. Timothy John Ingram
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I garden in a relatively hot and dry region (for the UK!), with an annual rainfall of around 25", winter lows of -10°C and summer highs of 30°C.

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McGregor wrote:

Some things ought always to be on frontpage - ...and this time of year SeedEx is another...

Yes, although the Seed Ex, even when not actually open for business, is commonly looked at throughout the year by nonmember passersby.  Also as previously mentioned, often there should be multiple ways to get to a destination content page.  Like with the seed ex, it is my opinion that it should always be accessible from the front page as well as the page listing membership privileges.

I agree that changing images while viewing a page is good thing.  An important concern is that those image files are not too large.  When NALS redesigned their opening page a couple years ago, their image files were so large that I couldn't navigate the page at all... ever!  I had to block the image first (and something most users, I think, wouldn't know how to do).  My DSL Lite connection averages a bit over 1MB per second.  NALS has since rectified the problem.

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I'm not very a good at design aesthetics - I'm looking for function.  From my perspective, I want a web site that lets me easily search technical articles, simple lookup of various plants with good descriptions, and good forums.  For plant descriptions (I think these are mainly on the Wiki), I'm looking for images of leaves, flowers, and entire plant, soil pH, gardening zones, country of origin, invasiveness, seed germination info, and general plant culture.  For the forums, I want to be able to easily find the correct forum for my post, probably from an initial page that lists all forums with descriptions.  Gardenweb is a good example of this.  Additionally, I want to be able to quickly search one forum or all of them for information.

I understand that some of the information I want may not be available, and some things may be beyond scope of your contract.  Just throwing in my quick two cents, without really looking into what's currently in place... 

Another useful thing would be the events calendar.  I'd like to see events as soon as I enter the site, probably on a side bar.  I don't want to drill through a few links to find events, only to realize that they haven't been updated.  Additionally, if I login, I'd like to see events for my chapter, or possibly even without a login, just by saving a cookie and displaying events for whatever chapter I looked at last time.

Hopefully this helps a little  --  not sure it really answers your question....  I was really on here hunting for the new 2013 seed exchange list....


Chris Wyse

Daniel Dillon
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Thanks all who Replied.
All input is helpful and very welcome.
This thread is by no means closed.

Daniel Dillon

Daniel Dillon (artist) & Esther Wrightman (gardener)
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